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Founded in 2019, in Medicine Hat, Alta. Canada,  Eutheism was created as a brand in-between fashion and streetwear. Our style and concepts revolve around periods in Western art, philosophy and religion; as well as the tremendous changes in society, brought forth by these doctrines, periods, and Ideologies.
The Name Eutheism stems from the Latin expression "Summum Bonum",  meaning "The highest good". Used throughout Ancient Greece , the Middle Ages, And the 18th Century, "Summum Bonum" continues to be a focus in Western philosophy, Religion, and secular Beliefs.  The well known philosopher Immanuel Kant used the term to describe the "Ultimate Importance"; the single and overriding end human beings ought to pursue. Today the word "Eutheism" is used in Theology, to describe the belief that there is a God, And that this god is good.

What ever your beliefs may be, You define what Eutheism means to you.

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